First University-Industry Research Consortium Roadshow Held in Universiti Malaysia Kelantan Kampus Jeli

The University-Industry Research Consortium (UIRC) recently embarked on its first roadshow at Universiti Malaysia Kelantan Kampus Jeli (UMK Jeli) to promote the UIRC initiative to geology and geoscience students. Nearly 200 students and 10 lecturers from the Faculty of Earth Science participated in the event.

The roadshow aimed to promote the UIRC scholarship, which is open to 40 Master’s and PhD students over the span of five years. Additionally, the event introduced the Young Researchers Grant among young lecturers, encouraging a culture of research and innovation among young lecturers. This grant is available starting in June 2024.

Launched by YTL Cement and the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) in October 2023, the UIRC is a landmark partnership between universities and industries. Established to study tropical limestone karst landscapes in the country, it contributes to the nation's ongoing pursuit of sustainable development.

During the event, Professor Emeritus Dato' Dr. Ibrahim Komoo, UIRC Director, delivered a lecture titled "Geopark dan Geoheritage Development in Malaysia." His presentation delved into the rich landscape of geoparks and geoheritage in Malaysia, offering attendees a glimpse into the country's geological treasures and their significance in sustainable development.

The UIRC’s inaugural roadshow at UMK Jeli marks the beginning of a series of similar events slated for the coming months. For more information, visit